Privacy Policy

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018 Privacy Statement

The Martineau Trust provides financial assistance to people who live in Suffolk and have an illness or disability. We provide help with expenses that arise or equipment that is needed as a direct consequence of their illness or disability and they are unable to finance these things for themselves.

We do this by making grant payment based on the recommendation of appropriately qualified people who are familiar with the personal circumstances of the prospective beneficiary. The recommendations are usually made on our grant recommendation forms but in some cases are made in letter form. They contain very personal information about the person concerned. They are received by the Clerk to the Trustees either by hard copy through the post or by electronic communication. In the latter case the Clerk prints the document(s) and deletes the email. In many cases they are accompanied by our ‘grant consent form’ which is signed by the sponsor and the prospective beneficiary.

All documentation relating to grant recommendation is held securely by the Clerk in a locked filing cabinet at his home address.

The Martineau Trust will not share or sell the personal information contained in that documentation unless required to do so by law.

All documentation containing personal information will be securely destroyed following the annual audit of the accounts relating to the year in which a grant recommendation was submitted.

At any time any person whose personal information we hold may request details of that information and the right to have that information securely destroyed.

Should at any time the security of the personal information held be breached then the Clerk will advise the Information Commissioner’s Office.