Examples of grants


Jon is a wheel chair user, is doubly incontinent and wears hearing-aids. He is a sociable young boy and enjoys the company of adults and children. He has two other friends who are wheel chair users and wanted to go away with them and their carers for a long weekend to a holiday cottage. The Martineau Trust made a £200 contribution to the £500 cost of the holiday for Jon and his carer


Zainab has been diagnosed with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and was removed from the care of her mother at birth due to issues with drugs and alcohol. She is fully mobile but has significant learning difficulties and little awareness of danger. She has to be constantly supervised to ensure her safety and is dependent on her guardians for all aspects of her personal care. The Martineau Trust made a £200 contribution to the creation of a specially designed soft and safe play area for Zainab, which provides a range of sensory experiences.


Ian has cerebral palsy. He is an independent young man and works hard to maintain the ability to transfer from his wheelchair to bed and to the floor at home. As Ian gets older it is getting harder for him to move around and he is now unable to stand in his standing frame. The Martineau Trust made a £200 contribution topurchase a sit-to-standing frame, which will allow Ian to manoeuvre himself from his wheelchair.

Geoff and Albert

Geoff and Albert have ASD and severe learning difficulties, and the boys’ behaviour can prove challenging. Geoff, in particular, has issues with banging his head and causing himself injuries. Despite the obstacles and challenges faced with their behaviour, the brothers find comfort in their shared bedroom, something their parents Phil and Jess are eager to continue with. The boys also suffer from continence issues, and their bedding often becomes wet as a result. The Martineau Trust made a £600 contribution to a specially manufactured foam mattress for Geoff and Albert, helping to provide a more comfortable and safe environment for the brothers’ bedroom.



Tracy gave birth to her second child in December. Her daughter has been diagnosed with spina bifida and will need to attend Addenbrokes Hospital regularly for monitoring. Tracy is a single mother and receives income support. The Martineau Trust supplied a grant of £100 to help fund her travel costs to and from the hospital.


Lucy is ten years old. She has severe learning difficulties and is unable to speak. The only way she can communicate is through a simple system of pictures and symbols. She has no ability to keep herself safe and requires round-the-clock support and supervision. The Martineau Trust were able to help Lucy’s family by making a £100 contribution to a vacuum cleaner to help keep her home clean and safe.

The Martineau Trust is an asset in my work, being able to respond speedily to requests for financial help and plugging the gaps where other sources of help are not forthcoming. Patients are enormously grateful, particularly when they realize it is a local charity.
— Hilary Wilson Macmillan Family Support Worker Ipswich Hospital