The Martineau Trust was established in 1938 'to help the sick poor of Suffolk'.

Today the Trust continues to provide grants to help people living in Suffolk on a limited income who suffer directly or indirectly from an illness or disability. The Trust helps these people in times of difficulty by providing easy access to small grants.

The Trust makes approximately 100 one-off grants a year. These may cover the whole cost of an item or be a contribution to a larger sum.


Examples of applications we have funded include:

  • A contribution towards a new wheelchair

  • Transport costs for parents visiting a child at Great Ormond Street Hospital

  • Clothing for a cancer patient

  • A bath lift

  • Contribution towards a gas cooker for a family affected by disability

  • A new bed and mattress for a cancer patient

Further examples can be found here.


"The Martineau Trust has consistently supported some of the most vulnerable family carers I have worked with. The application process is refreshingly easy and they are always fast to respond. Thank you, Martineau Trust."

Member of staff at Suffolk Family Carers